2 comments on “The Future

  1. I think it is always about the journey. We must realize every thing and everyone comes to an end, separately and collectively. The trick, I think, is to try and enjoy the process in the same way as one may enjoy the process of creating art. “While we’re at it”, we really need to try to make the journey as pleasant as we can for others we encounter on the journey. It could all, truthfully, be gone in minutes. Think asteroids, volcanoes and tidal waves, everything gone, over, finished! SO, enjoy as much as you can, while you can, remembering we are VERY lucky to be here at all and we are truly the most amazing things to have ever been here!!

  2. PS: The wrecking ball analogy really did hit the mark as my mind works. A thought, I myself, have had many times but the wrecking ball was the perfect analogy!

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