3 comments on “Sleeper

  1. I’ve just been writing about Woody Allen myself actually. Watching his work in a series, to really get a taste for his style, and progression as a director. Have to say, I found myself not liking Sleeper. I found the science-fiction motif, and styling was basically just a vehicle for the humor rather than a real part of it. It felt awfully shallow, with the romantic subplot, the way she irrationally changes from screaming, to enamored by him. However, your views made me feel a bit less cynical towards it. Good review.

    • I read your review too. I have to say, your write-up is more of a “review” than mine. I specifically call my posts “reflections” rather than “reviews” because I have little interest in being (or even pretending to be) “objective” about things, or broad enough in the scope of my analysis to be considered a reviewer. I tend to fixate on very personal and specific aspects, and leave everything else alone.

      There is something about the environments and Allen’s interactions with these environments that just tickle me senseless. While I don’t consider it one of his best, I did prefer it to “What You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, but Were Afraid To Ask.” I think the later is a more sophisticated film, but I just didn’t enjoy it as much. It didn’t poke me in just the right places. But man, as simple and silly as it is, Allen not being able to sit in that minimalist future chair and falling off it just kills me.

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