One comment on “Blue Jasmine

  1. Thank you for the review of blue jasmine. I saw the filme before I read you review and I did like the atmosphere of the plot and the great performens of cate! I came a cross some women similar to jasmine although in different variations. And yes not caring about new technology but loving to do things in a way old fashion with a lot of substance. These days you can gather everything over the Internet using a computer to create and plan an event to entertain friends and business relationships! Some of those women’s technology where phones and philofaxes and the good old fax machine to organize the next business get together for there husbands or other celebrations. As I said there are all sorts of variation and not everyone is alike. Some more mundane others new rich almost vulgar. In the movie A single man, Julian Moore payes a trophy wife I once me by visiting a friends hous and I was stunned to see a women in mid day still in her morning gaun, putting on markup and the smell of powder in the warm air of the room. Also cate players a differed type of trophy wife more elegant the sensual to please and represent there husbands. Jasmine knows what she does but she only can get what she decires to represent by finding an rich man.
    Well there you go 😉

    See you around,

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